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Author Topic: Any thoughts on ''?  (Read 6773 times)
« on: January 08, 2006, 05:00:00 AM »

I imagine some of you are already familiar with the site.  I'm curious about the '' site they mention.  At $5/yr it certainly is cheap.  Has anyone here any opinions about's usefulness?  Thanks

And thanks for your valuable responses to my ealier post: " / -- worth it?" !!!

« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2006, 05:00:00 AM »

... in response to Any thoughts on ''?, posted by NowImInterested on Jan 8, 2006

it looks like BS to me but at $5/yr you have nothing to lose. if you are looking to meet single latinas i would question how this site gets their women. where do they sign up? i didn't see where women can join or post their profile for free. i also did'nt see where you can sample some of the profiles listed. also, their site says "Thousands of Pictures of normal women abroad (women who are not models or prostitutes)" how can they know or regulate this? if you are looking to meet latinas, check out, lots of colombianas know about this site and have joined.
« Reply #2 on: January 08, 2006, 05:00:00 AM »

... in response to Any thoughts on ''?, posted by NowImInterested on Jan 8, 2006

From the website....

Why you hear negative things about dating/marrying foreign women
Two groups of people are against western men dating foreign women.

Feminist bitched (most western women pretty much). A man choosing a non-western woman goes against feminist core belief system, so obviously they hate it. They also have selfish financial reasons to be against it. Every time a western man making good money chooses a foreign woman, there is a western woman who will now not find a man who will financially support her. And trust me, feminist women do want your money (like your house post-divorce, child support, etc), despite all their "independence" rhetoric.

Men who bought into feminist propaganda that listening to a nagging bitch (aka "strong woman") is an essential part of a "meaningful" relationship. These men usually have their balls firmly held by their feminist GFs/wives, so they just parrot whatever feminist women say. If you are in this group, then unfortunately you are fuuuked pretty much (and not in the way you want). The only way you are going to improve the situation is if you address the underlying problem and try to unfuuuk yourself. Going abroad and meeting women who are not the usual feminist c*nts you meet in your daily life would be a good start.

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