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Author Topic: One last Show of Faith  (Read 14076 times)
« Reply #15 on: December 09, 2001, 05:00:00 AM »

... in response to To do what?, posted by Bear on Dec 8, 2001

Loser gets groin in the face.  Not such a bad way to lose if you're fighting a Filipina.  I think I'd just skip the fight and go straight to getting the groin squashed in my face. Cool
« Reply #16 on: December 09, 2001, 05:00:00 AM »

... in response to To do what?, posted by Bear on Dec 8, 2001

given a bear-hug for taking your limited precious time with your wife to help another who most had written off as a helpless cause.  I see a strength in Howard that I pray his wife will come to realize and LoVe.

Oh, since you mention it, (just for the record) the site Hum-a-sad-tune AGAIN brought to everyones' attention is N0T my site but belongs to Katherine who I have never met.  I have not posted any pictures of anyone, nude or otherwise, there.  I do post there and sometimes send an email to club which Member Hum received and no doubt triggered his post.

I have asked Kat to remove my personal (all modest) pictures from all her sites as I regret providing stories.  All pictures on story site were added by others also.  And, I have N0T receive one single dollar for my stories nor have I ask for any.  It just started out as a mistake/joke and grew beyond my control.

It is interesting to note all those making comments DiD Join Kat's club and told Yahoo they are over 18 or they could not have seen the pictures.  I have not seen the posted pictures so I cannot comment on what they show.  The stories are based on true events, and on other sites such as Yahoo Experts, I have done much over past three years to promote Philippines in positive manner.

Actually, the stories are hard to find unless you are looking for such subject and OnLy Hum and Jeff have ever posted their existense on romance / courtship / information BBs.  I think that says something since Kat has over 2,000 Club members.  But then again there is reason these two men have been asked to leave the BBs even though they keep coming back causing trouble for many, not just me.

Blessings Art and I pray what goes around does come around as you will be BiG Winner with that concept.



« Reply #17 on: December 09, 2001, 05:00:00 AM »

... in response to I just feel you should be nominated for ..., posted by FilipinaCupid on Dec 9, 2001

respected your efforts.  I think once I even posted if I had not met Honey when I did my next action was to use your service.  I think you have done wonderful things for both Filipinas and many lonely men.  

I am very religious and I try hard not to impose my beliefs on others because they suit me and I although I would like them to suit others, it is their choice.  I think many here know that.  

But one thing they probably do not know about me is I come from many of Wrestling's World Champions.  My Great Aunt was June Byers, Women's Wrestling Champion of the World in 1969 (I think thats the right year) and she at one time was married to Cyclone Anaya who was also Men's Wrestling Champion of the World.  My aunt hit me once for accidentally burning my "ex" with a cigarette and I thought I would die before the breath came back to me.  I saw her one time throw my grandfather and pin him and make him beg for mercy.  I ate at Cyclone Anaya's restraunts for years until he died and his grandchildren failed the business.  My son was coached by his grandson in football for years.  I know that this business is pretty "tacky" sometimes but I have not seen it change in 47 years.  Its all show and lies but people pay for it.

I aso noticed from some of your sites that you deleted inappropriate pictures which says you have standards.  Still you play with fire but so far it look pretty meek to me.


« Reply #18 on: December 09, 2001, 05:00:00 AM »

... in response to I just feel you should be nominated for ..., posted by FilipinaCupid on Dec 9, 2001

I don't think they believe you.
« Reply #19 on: December 08, 2001, 05:00:00 AM »

... in response to One last Show of Faith, posted by Howard on Dec 8, 2001

Whenever my wife ran off to another state, the classic mistake that was made... was sending money instead of a non-refundable ticket.  First time, both of my parents made the mistake of sending her money when she was in vegas so she could get back home...

yeah right.

Of course, neither parent knew what the other had done for her...

By the time I found out that she had already ripped my parents to the tune of 1400.00 -700.00 each- (which nobody ever told me until I was trying to figure this thing out), I sent her a one way plane ticket....  Of course, by this time we had been "wonderfully married" (lol) for 2 years already.

Same situation ALMOST repeated itself in later years, but learned the lesson the first time.

And that's here in the states, no phone cards required.

But I must repeat... I had an odd-ball, as most other filipinas were a little more grounded than mine.

Just my 2 cents.  Good luck...

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