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F3 Tornado in Barranquilla

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Greetings again.

Just to let you know that there was a F3 tornado today in Barranquilla.  It stretched approximately from calle 80 to calle 38B the majority of the damage.  The damage was really bad in certain areas, but it could have been alot worse.  I did manage to take a few pictures of it from my window from a distance, and a reporter is purchasing them for use with the news programs, mostly regional.

Just thought I would let you know in case those that have wives/girlfriends or family in laws here.

Post the pics if you still have them!


ps: How are things going for you otherwise?

Thanks Monty.  I have friends and In-laws there.

Here's some of the pics I took that show the development of the cyclone.



At full power (I believe):

Things are going great here.  I finally found an apt last weekend.  It is in a Strata 6 (I mistakenly said strata 7 before, my bad).  A nice furnished 2 bedroom a block away from Buenavista mall.

The wife and I are doing great.  She keeps me busy, as I do her.  Got my net a few days ago, since I had to wait for a cable tech guy to come.  It's decent speed, so I'm happy that I can still operate my business from here.

Mostly just getting settled in and spending time with wifey and in-laws a bit.  Other than that, just relaxing costeno style, lol.


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