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Three-way Telephone Interpreters

Paying the standard rates for an operator assited three-way translated call can be quite expensive. The following sites offer services which may charge significantly less.

Automatic Translation Websites

Program translation is quite limited in it's ability to accurately translate between two languages, but it can be useful, particularly for short sentence fragments. If you're looking for accuracy, use a professional translator, but if all you need is help with a couple of phrases, these sites may be of help.

Translation Programs for your PC

Translation programs can be more effective when they include an interactive mode that can be used by someone at least somewhat familiar in the language. By running in interactive mode, a user can make choices on words and phrases that can have multiple meanings that would otherwise be translated as "best guess" by the program. Several companies market translation programs you can install on your PC. Don't forget that you will have to be somewhat familiar with the language to make these really useful.

Human Translators

When you want to communicate effectively, translation programs just don't give anywhere near the clarity and accuracy that a human translator fluent in both the target language and English can provide. Planet-love recommends the following translators for accurate, fast, dependable, low cost service-

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  • Russian None currently available
  • Chinese None currently available
  • Tagalog None currently available
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