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I was referred her by another member of another forum board in which I participate. I've been going to Colombia twice a year since 2015. Thought I met the 'right one' (I was wrong), met many that were incompatible but still are my amigas! I had given some thought to going to the PI but I didn't like the 20+ hours in the air, both ways! Colombia is only a few hours so I go there. I think I may have gotten ahold of someone special. We'll see when I go to Ibague in May!

Welcome wild. You will find different characters on this site than on Colombian Connections.

Ibague is quite remote. Will you be flying in there or into Cali?

If you go through Pereira in May give me a buzz, maybe we can meet. (assuming I havent moved to Bucaramanga, which is a possibility) I am not nearly as much of a jerk in real life as I appear to be on the internet. LOL

You should try this Forum site too (click o the tiny link below)

Hey Elex. I was talking about stuff with Caliorbust and he recommended this site. I'll be flying to Bogota. The gf wants to ride from there to Ibague. She says that it gets clouded over to the point that flights get cancelled. Personally, I'd rather fly there because its about a 3 hour ride and the flight is cheap and is about 45 minutes in length.
Bucaramanga is a far stretch from Pereira. Wow! I have an amiga who lives in Viterbo, (she's an optometrist, has an MD for a novio. I was relieved she found him over me. Too high maintenance!), She wants me to visit her. If you don't move by then I'll drop you a line.
This gf from Ibague is vastly different than the costeƱas I have been accustomed to. She's a rolo and has no love for anyone from the coast! :D

Hey, elex, what other forum site were you eluding to?

Your going to find alot of know it alls on this site be prepared


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