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Books Of Interest

  • A Long Way to go for a Date

  • In the Philippines, Henry Makow, 48, discovered a tropical paradise where women are still traditional and the husband is the head of the household. A Long Way to Go for a Date is Makow's candid and ironic account of his courtship and marriage to a young Filipina....(

  • Love by Mail : The International Guide to Personal Advertising

  • Richard N. Cote. Finding love through personals. The author married a foreign woman...(

  • Russian Woman FAQ

  • An electronic book written by an agency owner telling you how to avoid scams and rip-offs (for a fee).

  • Guide To Meeting Colombian Women

  • They spelled Colombian incorrectly on the cover, but it does have extensive lists on in-country agencies, hotels, and restaurants in Colombia. Buy their book and you get an account to read their discussion board.

  • 50 Filipina Courtship Secrets

  • Jean Valarampa's e-book on Filipina courtship. A book about Filipinas written by a Filipina.

  • Wedded Strangers : The Challenges of Russian-American Marriages

  • Lynn Visson. The Cold War may have officially ended, but, as Visson shows, the battle lives on in the culturally dysfunctional marriages made by Russians and Americans. Throughout the 20th century, and often against serious odds, Russians and Americans have been falling in love and marrying...(

  • Intercultural Marriage : Promises & Pitfalls

  • Dugan Romano. Examines the impact of cultural differences on marriage and offers practical guidelines on how to deal with the complexities and problems involved.

  • Culture Shock: Phillipines

  • You'll never feel intimidated and awkward about the customs and etiquette of another country again. With the insights provided in this CULTURE SHOCK! Guide, you'll learn to see beyond the stereotypes and misinformation that often precede a visit to a foreign land... (

  • One of many Lonely Planet travel guides. One reviewer thinks the history section is anti-American biased though.... (

  • Russian language books, CDs, English for russian speakers study guides.
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