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  •'s agency lists are extensive
Unlike many other directory sites, we do not limit our lists to agencies displaying our logo with a reciprocol link. Many of the other directory sites will list only agencies which are willing to display a reciprocol link to the directory site. This limits the amount of choice they give you.
  • has strict requirements for agencies to be listed
    • They must have a registered domain name
    • They can contain no pornographic material in the site
    • They must have no ladies younger than 18 years old

Although neither we, nor any other directory site can insure that the agencies listed are all honest and operate with integrity, we do take steps to make our list as safe as possible. If we have sufficient proof that an agency is not operating honestly, we will delist them. That includes those who advertise here. While we could make our lists considerably larger by allowing all agency sites in, we feel that limiting them to only those sites operating through a registered domain name eliminates many of the fly-by-night operators. Many of these outfits operate through free web hosting services and can create a new site without cost and be operating with a new name in one day.

  • monitors agency links daily

We test each of the agency links daily and delist them when the site goes down and stays down for more than 5 days consecutively. You will find few dead links on our agency pages.

  • reviews every agency listing
  • We collect (and verify) the information which we feel may be important to a man searching for a service best suited to his individual desires. The data on each agency is available on the agency listings pages and can be viewed by clicking where it says "Read Review" next to the agency's name.

    • Do they offer in-person introductions? In other words, do they operate either tours or an office/hotel in the foreign city where the ladies are located?

    • Do they sell addresses? Some agencies operate as pen pal sites where you buy the contact information (address and/or e-mail addresses) of the ladies.

    • If they sell addresses, do they offer quantity discounts? Most offer quantity discounts for purchases of larger quantities of addresses. This is important for the pen pal approach, since you will most likely have to write to a fairly large number of women.

    • If they sell addresses, do they include telephone numbers of the ladies?

    • Do they provide any free contact with the ladies? Some agencies will allow you to make initial contact with a lady without any charges.

    • Are the lady's personal ads on the site dated for their initial release? Most agencies are quite hesitant to tell you how old the ads are, though few women marry right away and they typically are available for an extended time. Don't be fooled by "last updated" messages on bio ad pages. These are common for data base generated sites, but don't indicate the initial release of the lady's ad. For those wishing to be among the first to contact a lady, knowing when the ad was first published is important.

    • Is their data base searchable? Anyone having specific criteria for a potential mate will appreciate being able to search for only those who fit their criteria.

    • Do they offer E-mail forwarding? Does the agency forward your emails to the ladies, possibly with translation?

    • Do they offer men's personal ads? Those wishing to have their own personal ad distributed to the ladies will want this.

    • Do they offer men's personal ads in newspapers? Some agencies will place your personal ad directly in a newspaper in the country where the ladies live.

    • Payment type. Do you have to join with a membership fee, or are they pay-as-you-go. Some offer hybrids with both a membership fee and pay-per-item.

    • Do they have a translation service available?

    • Do they accept credit cards?
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