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PL Core Values (PL)
Core Values

PL is the premier online discussion site for people involved, or seeking to be involved, in a romantic relationship with women from the geographic regions of Asia and Latin America.

PL enjoys active and vibrant participation from diverse members across the globe.

PL stresses inclusivity and self-moderation amongst the members who join our site.

PL promotes spirited, even heated, discourse and exchange - within the confines of civil behavior and with a focus on increasing our collective knowledge and understanding of these international unions.

PL acts as a member of the International Relations organization to promote and encourage honest and ethical behaviors among all participants in the international dating community.

Topics at PL range from politics to sexuality, religion, culture, history and beyond - all within the overall context of international relationships with women from foreign countries.

PL practices tolerance of diversity in opinions expressed and experiences shared, and promotes the notion of individual choice wherever and whenever possible.

PL is an unbiased and independent 'voice' in the international dating/marriage community, free of commercial leverage. We promote no group or organization (except our own) over any other.
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